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21 Day Paper Clutter Cure
21 Day Paper Clutter Cure
21 Day Paper Clutter Cure
21 Day Paper Clutter Cure
21 Day Paper Clutter Cure
21 Day Paper Clutter Cure
21 Day Paper Clutter Cure
21 Day Paper Clutter Cure
21 Day Paper Clutter Cure
21 Day Paper Clutter Cure
21 Day Paper Clutter Cure

21 Day Paper Clutter Cure

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Piles of paper covering every horizontal surface of your home? It's time to set up the system to end your piled-up paper frustrations. Keep track of important documents, process the papers you don't need to keep, and save the sentimental stuff... in just 15 minutes a day.

Get out from under the piles in just 3 weeks—here's how:

  • Draw a line in the sand and say “No More Piles!”  Create your Inbox as the ONLY place new papers go when they come into your home, and learn the process for sorting your inbox on a regular basis so it never overflows 
  • Determine which Paper(less) Route works for you: I’ll walk you through making an informed decision to set up the system that works for you—whether you want paper copies of everything, or want an easy-to-follow process for filing your papers digitally, I’ll show you the way. 
  • Avoid going overboard with our list of Supplies for Success—choose the containers that work for your space, the folders that support your system, and the labels that keep everything organized. (And free yourself up from the pressure to make it color-coded & Pinterest perfect.) 
  • Create your I.D. Binder for important documents. Those documents you’d lose sleep over if you misplaced them will be gathered into ONE place where you can always get to them if you need them.
  • Finally figure out what can actually be trash.  Not everything can be tossed straight into the garbage—we’ll chat trash vs. shred—but we’ll play a game of Worst Case Scenario to determine what papers you really need to keep. 
  • Make your Personal Paper Plan—we say this all the time, but the best system is the one that sticks. You’ll break down the papers you plan to keep by category and determine where each one will go. 
  • Set up your filing system & get started on your backlog. This is the part where you really start to see progress. Your piles will start to dwindle as you put everything in its permanent home.
  • File your digital documents using Evernote.  I’ll teach you my plug-and-play system for managing your digital files in a searchable database. (And, of course, you can skip right over the paperless lessons if you don’t want to go digital!)
  • Scanning your documents, the easy way. You don’t have to drop everything and scan a document every time you receive it, we’ll walk through the process for managing your inbox and backlog, and never ending up with a pile of papers you don’t know what to do with again.
  • Time for the Tough Stuff—after getting everything important out of the way, we’ll tackle the category of paper that everyone struggles with, the stuff you feel like you HAVE to keep because it’s sentimental. Learn our best practices for sentimental items like kids artwork, old journals, used planners & more. 


  • Customizable File Folder Labels: Download these easy-to-customize labels to create your own pretty file labels.
  • How Long to Keep Cheatsheet: Download Laura’s own personal notes about how long she keeps each item and where she puts them.
  • Process With Me Video:Watch Laura as she processes her own personal paper inbox.

What People Think

"I had piles EVERYWHERE! Anytime people came over, it was a MAJOR ordeal to move the papers out of sight. I HATED the before situation. Now, I have a plan for all of my papers. Just having permission to get rid of paper that is cluttering up my life (that I truly don’t need to keep) was so impactful!”
— Kathy

"Paper is my worst enemy. I used to find myself with piles everywhere. I’d often shove them somewhere I didn’t have to look at them. Now, I have one place where paper goes in my house, and I process it once a week. Most goes through the shredder, and the rest has a home. No more piles, no more stray pieces of paper in random places— and my husband knows where to put everything, too!”
— Tamalita

“I’m so happy with the course curriculum including both video and PDF. It is really helpful to have both. Also, being an endpoint driven planner—I love that all the modules are available at once.”
— Jennifer

“This course was the push I needed to really tackle my papers once and for all. I have a long way to go but I’m making great progress and I have the tools and system in place now to succeed. Thank you!”
— Sala Pressley

“I sat down to do bills today and I knew exactly where everything was and how and where to file it and spent half the time that I normally do and have a clean desk afterwords!”
— Elaine O'Brien

“I had started trying to organize before,made stacks, and stopped part way through. Things were a mess. When I needed something it might be in files or it might be in stacks (which had been placed in a box in the closet months ago). Now, I know where to go to search for what I need.”
— Pam Barnhill