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Overwhelmed With Thousands Of Unread Emails, Unused Pictures, And Disorganized Files?

It's time to Organize Your Digital Life Once and For All!

The tech stress is Real.
We hear you!

Any of these sound familiar?

  • Have you forgotten important emails buried in your inbox?
  • Are your device running out of storage?
  • Are your photos too disorganized to use and enjoy?
  • How many times have you sheepishly replied to an email weeks after you received it?
  • Are you frustrated you can't find a recipe again once you close the tab?
  • Tired of wasting time continuously resetting passwords because you can't keep track of them all?
  • Frustrated with not being able to find files you saved "somewhere" on your computer?

Instead, what if you knew how to...

  • Create a family photos yearbook in just an hour per year!
  • Sync your phone and computer.
  • Never run out of phone storage again.
  • Easily access your files, photos, and saved emails.
  • Never forget your secure passwords again.
  • Safely backup your devices.
  • Quickly find files you're looking for.
  • How to filter out unnecessary information from the internet.

It's way easier than you think to get all those photos,
emails, password, and files under control.

And you don't have to struggle to figure it out by yourself.


The complete, easy-to-follow course to help you finally get all your digital clutter under control!

"Before starting this course my worst digital organization struggles were email and files and-oh, who am I kidding? It's a was a mess! After taking the course, I'm so much less frustrated with my tech. And, I actually don't mind checking emails."


And I want to help you finally feel on top of your emails, digital photos, computer files, and so many other areas of tech overwhelm, rather than constantly feel buried by them.

After watching my readers & students struggle time & time again with digital clutter, I decided I wanted to help them not just GET organized, but STAY organized, and finally ditch the tech stress once and for all. (And, make it easy to do!)

And I want to help you do the same.

Ready to get started?!

"I've been really struggling when it comes to organizing my digital life and the course is motivating me to clean up my act! The six organizing principles in the course have shown me exactly what I've been doing wrong, so now I can get control over my email and photos! The inside peek videos are great real life examples, not the unrealistic, Insta-perfect stuff out there that makes people feel bad about themselves."


We've found that time and time again, our readers struggle with one or more of eight main areas of digital clutter, so we created one easy-to-follow lesson for each culprit.

Feel overwhelmed by going through an entire course?! NO PROBLEM! We don't want to add to your digital overwhelm, so we've intentionally created each lesson as a stand-alone tutorial. 

In other words, you can treat this course like a buffet:
you get access to everything, but you can pick & choose what you spend your time on!

  • Lesson 1: Digital Organization 101
  • Lesson 2: Organize your Phone (apps & notes)
  • Lesson 3: Organize your Computer Desktop
  • Lesson 4: Organize your Computer Files
  • Lesson 5: Organize your Browser Bookmarks & Articles
  • Lesson 6: Organize Your Pinterest
  • Lesson 7: Organize Your Photos
  • Lesson 8: Organize Your Email Inbox
  • Lesson 9: Organize Password and Logins
  • Lesson 10: How to Maintain Your Organizing

In the course, we'll help your digital life organized with:

For the visual learners - I’ll walk you through step-by-step tutorials of everything you’ll be learning. Plus get a behind-the-scenes peek at my own devices and systems to get some inspiration to get you started.

Perfect for printing out and sticking in a binder at your computer desk - you’ll have each of the video lessons in an easy-to-read transcript for quick reference. The transcripts will include computer screenshots so you can see what you’re reading about. These are perfect for taking notes as you go and highlighting key points.

Make a plan for your digital organization with printable planners for your digital life that were exclusively created for this course.

"I had a HUGE breakthrough today as I started applying the filtering technique you taught us in the class. THANK YOU! And yes I meant to shout...that's how much I appreciate this tip."


Want to take a closer look at what you'll learn in each lesson? (And finally figure out how to get organized, once and for all?!)​

We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to tackle your BIGGEST problem areas first.

The course includes 10 value-packed lessons, but you can go in any order: pick and choose where to start, where to focus, and feel free to skip any lessons where you've already mastered your digital clutter problems!


Overwhelmed just thinking about tech? We've got you covered! We'll go over some of the basics so you can feel confident as you get started.

Already have a good grasp of the basics? Skip this step and jump into organizing!

Topics we'll cover in this lesson:

  • Course basics: How to make the most out of the course, navigate the course portal, and get help with the lessons
  • Principles of organization: when to organize, when to let it go, and how to deal with backlog
  • Tech basics (for the less-tech savvy) 
  • How to name anything (files, folders, tags, etc.) so you can ALWAYS find them!

Let's get your phone set up in a way that works for YOU!

  • Learn how to organize your home & lock screens so you can easily find your apps & access information
  • See how to organize your phone notes so you can easily find your lists
  • BONUS: game-changing tips for using your iPhone (that I bet you haven't heard of before!)

PLUS A LOOK INSIDE: Real-world examples of how I use the apps on my phone to get and stay organized!

Let's clear all that clutter on our computer's desktop & make it easy to navigate.

  • Learn what actually belongs on your desktop (and what doesn't!)
  • EASILY create a desktop screen graphic (even if you have zero design skills!) to keep your desktop clean, orderly, and pretty!

PLUS A LOOK INSIDE: Take a peek at exactly what I have on my desktop, how I've completely de-cluttered it, and how I keep it organized.

Stop struggling to remember where you saved something on your computer & stressing out when you can't find it!

  • We'll discuss the programs & software you can use to organize your files. We make it really easy to understand!
  • Learn how to organize your files on your computer WITHOUT getting overwhelmed. (Yes, even if your computer is a hot mess with files!)
  • We'll also show you how to easily move, tag, and name files so they're easy to find whenever you need them.

PLUS A LOOK INSIDE: I'll show you how I use files on my computer so you can see the organization in action!

You know how you often want to save an article or recipe you found on Google, and then end up with a mile-long list of saved items in your browser bookmarks? We help you tackle that problem in this lesson.

  • We'll discuss when to save something as a bookmark (and when to pass)​
  • How to use the Bookmark Planner worksheet to determine your top 10 online resources
  • How to sync your Chrome browsers between all the devices you use (believe me, this is SO helpful!)

PLUS A LOOK INSIDE: Check out how I use bookmarks to save important pages I'm going to need to access later.

Pinterest is SUCH a powerful tool for collecting ideas...but if you don't keep it organized, it just becomes a place that can collect digital dust!

We'll show you how to use it so that it lightens your load rather than adding to the stress of digital pile-up.

  • If you're not using Pinterest to keep track of your recipe ideas, you're missing out! We'll take you through a super helpful walkthrough for how to use it to store your meal ideas and refer back to them whenever you're ready to make your weekly meal plan.
  • Learn how to save all of the ideas you find on Pinterest so you can easily access them

PLUS A LOOK INSIDE: How I organize my recipes on Pinterest!

WHEW. This might be most people's #1 stress point with digital clutter. So many photos, so little storage left on your devices, and so much stress wondering how in the world to get the
albums under control.

Don't worry, we're ready to help!

  • We'll help you determine where to even START with digital photo decluttering​
  • Learn one trick to do each day for keeping the clutter away - a trick that will only take you a few seconds but will save you HOURS of time!
  • Learn how to set up folders for your photos on Apple folders & Google folders in order to keep them categorized + learn how to use Google Photos & Apple Photos​
  • Learn how to quickly & easily create a family yearbook with photos (so you can actually ENJOY your photos rather than just have them take up space!)

PLUS A LOOK INSIDE: I'll walk you through exactly how I create my family yearbook with my digital photos!

You know how you're constantly feeling guilty for being so late to reply to emails, or regularly getting stressed out because you missed important notifications in your inbox? Let's put an end to that!

  • You'll learn SIMPLE tips to EASILY keep your inbox de-cluttered.
  • How to use Gmail - we'll show you how to create labels, filters, and some other quick tips & tricks that'll save you time, space, and sanity.
  • Learn the tags you need to start using to keep your emails organized, once and for all. 

PLUS A LOOK INSIDE: Learn the tags you need to start using to keep your emails organized, once and for all. 

Who in the world is supposed to remember ALL the logins and passwords you have to use on a regular basis?! We make it easy to manage all that information. 

  • Learn how to create secure passwords for all of your online accounts
  • We'll show you a simple trick for how to safely store your login information so you don't always have to remember it
  • Forget your passwords more often than you'd like to admit? We'll show you how you can fix that!

In lessons 1-9, we've spilled all our tips and tricks for how to GET organized, but now that you're FINALLY organized, you really want to STAY that way so the digital clutter doesn't pile up on you again! 

  • Learn what to do annually, quarterly, monthly, and regularly in order to maintain your organizing (with minimal effort)!

Ready to ditch the stress & feel FREE from digital clutter?

Join us in the course!

"This course has been a game changer for me! Thank you! Been recommending this to all my friends! Since taking this course, I love knowing my passwords thus saving time by not having to request new ones! Also love organizing my notes on my phone!"​


With each lesson, you'll follow 3 simple steps:

Decide where you want to start your digital decluttering, and dive into the lessons!

Whether you're an audio or visual learner, we've got your covered - use the step-by-step video lessons or the written transcripts, both complete with easy-to-follow instructions and plenty of screenshots.

In addition to walking you through tips and strategies for getting organized, we totally get that it's nice to see how to actually apply those methods.

In each lesson, I give you a look inside exactly how I organize my devices so you can see those organization tips in action.

We're not about to walk you through how to finally get your digital life organized and then kick you to the curb!

Nope, once we teach you how to get organized, we teach you how to easily maintain those strategies so the digital clutter doesn't creep back up on you.


Merging Physical & Digital Planning ($29 value)

Even in a world of computers, smartphones, and smartwatches, there's really no substitute for pen & paper!

In this mini lesson, I'll show you:

  • How to keep a "master location" for your appointments & calendar
  • How I use both digital & paper + pen methods to keep my appointments, lists, and notes organized


Use Your Phone to Boost Productivity ($29 value)

Phones don't have to be a distraction! We can use our phones to actually increase our productivity.

I'll show you:

  • How you can use some of the simple features on your smartphone to manage your time wisely
  • How I use apps on my phone to learn while I'm doing simple tasks such as folding laundry, doing the dishes, or taking a walk. 


Printable Directory of My Favorite Apps ($19)

Phones don't have to be a distraction! We can use our phones to actually increase our productivity.

I'll show you:

  • A printable list with a brief description + explanation for each app - why I use it & why I recommend it.
  • Access to the quick walk-through video where I show you & talk you through each app and why it might be helpful for you.


How to Use Technology Wisely ($29)

Though we can use our devices to help us get organized and stay connected, we all know that sometimes technology can hurt us more than it helps!

In this brief lesson, I’ll show you:

  • A couple of ways I set boundaries on the way I use my computer & my phone
  • Some simple tools and strategies that can help you stay focused and stay away from unnecessary tech distractions

"I had a HUGE breakthrough today as I started applying the filtering technique you taught us in the class. THANK YOU! And yes I meant to shout...that's how much I appreciate this tip."


This Course Is For Your If...

You don’t know where to start with your email inbox.

You’re frustrated that you never get to enjoy the pictures you take.

You’re tired of losing track of passwords and documents.

You’re overwhelmed by all the options on your devices that seem to just add to the chaos.

You need to see a real life example of someone who organized their digital life to believe that you can do it too!

These systems are for you. The Organize Your Digital Life course will teach you new ways to interact with your tech and help you build good digital habits.

You don’t have to be a tech wizard or have hours and hours to devote to your decluttering your devices to get the results you need.

Maybe you don’t think you could add one more thing to your schedule.

But just think – how much time do you spend each day searching for files or digging through your inbox?

Put in a little time upfront to go through the Organize Your Digital Life course and I guarantee that you will save time in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Having An Organized Digital Life Isn't Just Possible...

It's About To Become Your Reality!


In the step-by-step course, we cover just about every aspect of your digital life and how you can get it organized. And if you find I didn’t do my job in providing great organization tips…

Simply request a refund within 30 DAYS and we will return every cent back to you… no hoops to jump through.