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Moving Printable Kit

Moving Printable Kit

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This ultimate moving printable kit includes:

Create a complete, organized moving binder - Print it out to create one master spot to keep your entire move on track. This is the EXACT SYSTEM I've used through several moves that's enabled us to have the truck unloaded and everything in the proper room in under 90 minutes!!

Change addresses- a spot to write all the places where you need to change your address when you move.

To do before and after lists - a spot to record everything you need to do before and right after the big move.

Food to eat up list - Categorized list of food you need to eat up before moving.

Box Index -  Create a master list of what is in your boxes. Includes a spot for box number, where it goes and what's in it. After several moves, I can assure you that this is life saver!!

Open Me First List - Special spot to index up to 5 open me first boxes and a spot to write what should go in them. That way you have what you need the first day in your new place (like a shower curtain, towels, bedding, etc.)

Fillable Moving Legend - Color coded list of up to 11 rooms where you'll be unloading your boxes. You can type directly in this one.

11 Fillable label sheets - Color coded sheets to print directly on Avery labels! Type the room directly in the first label on the sheet, and the rest will populate automatically, plus there's a spot to write the box number. Print this out first on Avery 8163 Label Sheets and it only takes a second to stick them on the box.