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No Stress Decluttering Handbook

No Stress Decluttering Handbook

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 Are you ready for the decluttering method that will clear the clutter for good?! When dealing with clutter, the first thought after I walk into the room is, "What can I get rid of?" Or, it used to be. The answer to that question isn't always simple. All the tough choices that come along with trying to clear the clutter in your home can really wear you out and create a lot of stress. This guide will teach you a method I call Reverse Decluttering - and it really does work! Give it a try!!

In this guide you'll learn: 

  • What the different types of clutter are. 
  • Why it's important to have a defined space to declutter. 
  • What three piles to create while decluttering. 
  • Why I both DO NOT and DO agree with the Marie Kondo method of "take everything out."
  • What the reverse decluttering process is. 
  • What questions to ask yourself while decluttering. 
  • How to maintain a decluttered space. 

Plus, you'll get my printable decluttering checklist included as a bonus with your guide.

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