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Wedding Planning Kit

Wedding Planning Kit

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Take the stress out of wedding planning with the Get Organized HQ Wedding Planning Kit. Keep tack of your must-haves, potential vendors, budget, guest list, and more!

This kit includes 15+ printables: 

  • Ultimate Wedding Planner- This is your top 3 must have (and must NOT have) list for the Bride and Groom.
  • Potential Guest List- A sheet for both the bride and groom’s side for potential invites
  • Budget List- Crunch the numbers on this sheet by calculating how much money you will have to work with, and then budgeting all the expenses.
  • Potential Venues- Keep track of all the important information for each venue you are considering such as contact info, seating capacity, cost, catering, etc.
  • Potential Vendors- A list of vendors to book if they aren’t included in your venue
  • Photography, Videography, Florist, Music, Hair, Makeup, And Rental Vendors- A place to keep track of potential vendors with their pricing so you can compare and make your selection.